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We exist to help you navigate the process and make better decisions to make your successful future a reality!

The Society of Torch & Laurel is committed to supporting high school high achievers as they work hard to decide a path forward beyond high school. To support this priority, we award a variety of scholarships and financial resources annually to assist with college expenses and various career exploration opportunities.


New scholarships are announced and are available throughout the year. Along with those listed below, read the Torch & Laurel monthly email newsletter for new announcements and visit our website often to see new and ongoing opportunities that are announced and are available for our high achieving Torch & Laurel Scholars.

Torch & Laurel Scholarships

Torch & Laurel Trailblazer Award

You’re going to blaze a trail, earn a college degree, and create a tradition of college graduation in your family.


The Society of Torch & Laurel will award (4) $5,000 scholarships to First Generation Scholars to start their collegiate journey.

Application Dates: 2/1-4/1
Awards: (4) $5,000 scholarships

Torch & Laurel Scholar on Course Award

Are you utilizing your summer to pave the way for a successful college experience? Scholars who plan to participate in a Pre-College Program/Course can apply for the Torch & Laurel Scholar on Course Award.


The Society of Torch & Laurel will award (5) $500 scholarships.


Application Dates: 2/15-4/15
Awards: (5) $500 scholarships

Semester at Sea Fall Award-Partner Scholarship

For over 50 years, the Institute for Shipboard Education (ISE) has offered students a unique view of the world aboard a floating university. This is a once in a lifetime educational opportunity where you will develop an appreciation of cultural diversity. The Society of Torch & Laurel is proud to partner with ISE and Semester at Sea.


For the Fall Semester Voyage, one Torch & Laurel Scholar will be awarded a $10,000 scholarship.


Application Dates: February 2022 (Application Date TBD)

Awards: (1) $10,000 award

Torch & Laurel Beacon Award

The Society of Torch & Laurel Beacon Award acknowledges high school counselors as beacons, guiding scholars to academic excellence and collegiate success. To apply for this award, scholars nominate their high school counselor and share the impact this person has made.


The Society of Torch & Laurel will award (4) $1,000 awards. Two school counselors and the students who nominate them will receive a scholarship.


Application Dates: 3/1-5/2

Awards: (4) $1,000 awards

Torch & Laurel Beacon Leadership Development Award

Many admissions offices claim that leadership experience and abilities are qualifications they seek in an ideal applicant. Are you developing your leadership skills to succeed in school and beyond?


The Society of Torch & Laurel will award (5) $500 scholarships to T&L scholars who plan to participate in a leadership conference/program.


Application Dates: 4/15-6/15

Awards: (5) $500 awards

Torch & Laurel Lilly Jellinek Rossi Award

The Society of Torch & Laurel will be awarding The Lilly Jellinek Rossi Awards to new Torch & Laurel scholars who attended the 2022 Congress of Future Medical Leaders.


Application Dates: TBD by conference dates
Awards: (1) $5,000 and (2) $2,500 awards

NEW T&L General Scholarship: Throughout the year and announced in the newsletter $1,000 (25)

NEW T&L General Scholarship

Looking for ways to fund your future college education? If you can demonstrate academic excellence and leadership, you may qualify for The Torch & Laurel General Scholarship.


The Society of Torch & Laurel will award (25) $1,000 scholarships annually to scholars.


Application Dates: 4/15-6/15

Awards: (25) $1,000 awards

How to Apply For Scholarships?

Torch & Laurel uses a third-party platform called AwardSpring to manage all scholarships offered, the application process, and how applications are reviewed. T&L members will have to register separately for this platform after they become a member if they would like to apply for scholarships. All information on how to use the platform and how to apply for scholarships will be provided via email and on the scholarships website.

FAQs for T&L Scholarships
For Torch & Laurel, all applicants, recipients and non-recipients, will be notified of their status within 10 weeks of the closing date.
We are constantly adding new scholarships, so make sure to check the AwardSpring scholarship site often and follow us on Facebook and Twitter for updates too! Scholarships are also announced in the monthly Torch & Laurel email Newsletter. Generally, our scholarships are open for two months, but don’t wait until the last minute to apply!

Previous Scholarship Recipients

2021 Academic Year-Scholarship Recipients
  • Marleshka Montanez ($1,000)
  • Isabella Mendoza ($1,000)
  • Danielle Rush ($1,000)
  • Carrie Connolly ($1,000)
  • Joyce Chou ($500)
  • Crystal Carlson ($500)
  • Angela Khadour ($500)
  • Isaiah Whatley ($500)
  • Paul Kreamer ($500)
  • Isabella Ramnath ($500)
  • Sofia Milo ($500)
  • Stacia Lally ($500)
  • Lorain Clawson ($500)
  • Sydney Jansen ($500)
  • Sherima Ramnath ($5,000)
  • Amy Gardner ($5,000)
  • Angelica Mendoza ($5,000
  • Petra Rosas Madrigal ($5,000)
To be awarded in January 2022

Previous Scholarship Recipients

2021 Academic Year-Scholarship Recipients

Previous Scholarship Recipients

Academic Year-Scholarship Recipients

Some Quick Tips on Applying for Scholarships

These tips can be useful for any scholarship program you are exploring
  • Start Early
  • A great scholarship essay is not written overnight! Start early and allow time to submit additional documentation like letters of recommendation
  • Proofread, Proofread, Proofread
  • You want your scholarship essay to stand out for its great content, not the grammatical errors. Ask a parent, friend, or teacher to proofread your application before submitting it. One misspelled word can be a reason for you to not be selected
  • Personalize the Response
  • Don’t make your essay a resume. Use the opportunity to share something about who you are, which is far more memorable
  • Make sure the scholarship application reader knows that you have applied for the specific scholarship and not just mass-produced your application. Small details count when you are competing with other ambitious students
  • Build on your Accomplishments
  • Remember that you are competing a similar pool of applicants. Use the essay question as a way to prove to the scholarship committee that you are the worthiest applicant for the award
  • Highlight jobs you have had, volunteering you have done and obstacles you have tackled
  • Seek out and apply for any and every scholarship that you meet the criteria. This is for Torch & Laurel and any scholarship providing organization. Carefully review the details of the scholarship and make sure you check all of the boxes to apply. If you don’t meet the criteria don’t apply. You will not only be creating a reason to be disappointed because you won’t be selected but you also frustrate the scholarship provider for not paying attention to the details

BONUS: If you join as a Regular or Premium member, included in your enhanced membership is one Free Scholarship Essay review. You’ll get expert advice on how to improve your essay to best position yourself to be selected for a scholarship.