Torch & Laurel

Announcing the Relaunch of The Society of Torch & Laurel

New program with more options


In 2013 a “crazy idea” emerged when a group of NSCS members were talking about the things they wish they would have known in high school when they started making their plans and thinking about their priorities for what do to after high school. How to pick the right college? How to pay for college? Wonder if college is even the right thing to do beyond high school? What colleges are out there that may be perfect, but they had never heard of it?


Hearing all of that and realizing that all of our NSCS members were also high achievers in high school, we decided to launch the Society of Torch & Laurel. We’ve experienced a number of ups and downs in that time; however, we’ve got great news to share with you. We are relaunching Torch & Laurel with an entirely new set of benefits, membership tiers, programs, a member portal, mentorship options, and resources.


The good news for existing members is that you will be automatically converted over to our new membership program in our basic tier and be eligible for all benefits. You’ll get more information on upgrade options if you choose. And as an existing member, there is no cost for you to remain a member. And for prospective members, you now have more options and more benefits and a new and improved membership program. View the Membership page to learn more about joining.